ABBA - The Concert

2/15/25 in Waren (Müritz)

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  • Saturday, Feb 15, 202519:30 - 22:00 clock
Rock, Pop & Electronic Music, Dance,Party & Disco, Theatre & Stage

performed by ABBAMUSIC

Their victory at the 1974 Grand Prix turned the likeable Swedes into superstars overnight with their song "Waterloo". Their hits not only took the charts by storm, but also the hearts of their fans worldwide. The result: the popularity of these incomparable catchy tunes is unbroken and there is no end in sight to ABBA mania. ABBAMUSIC captures the magic of this unique music as well as the unbridled joie de vivre of the crazy 70s and guarantees a sensationally moving show: ABBAMUSIC "swept the audience off their seats"

and "took the audience on a perfectly choreographed journey through time", according to the press, praising the stage shows of the top ensemble. The lovingly detailed outfits, the thrilling live performance and the colorful stage design ensure a rousing musical experience to sing and dance along to from the first notes to the last encore. A show that will make the hearts of ABBA fans of all ages beat faster!

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Ticket PK 1 Normal: 63.9 €
Ticket PK 1 children 7-12 years: 31.95 €
Ticket PK 1 group from 10p: 58.9 €
Ticket PK 2 Normal: 56.9 €
Ticket PK 2 children 7-12 years: 28.45 €
Ticket PK 2 group from 10P: 51.9 €
Ticket PK 3 Normal: 49.9 €
Ticket PK 3 children 7-12 years: 24.95 €
Ticket PK 3 group from 10P: 44.9 €

Event dates
  • Saturday, Feb 15, 2025 19:30 - 22:00 clock
Event Location

Civic hall Waren

Zum Amtsbrink 9
17192 Waren (Müritz)
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Civic hall Waren

Zum Amtsbrink 9
17192 Waren (Müritz)