A QUADRAT Das RhythMusiKabarett: "Serving suggestion" / followed by dancefloor with Fette Elke

9/6/24 in Schönberg

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  • Friday, Sep 6, 202420:00 - 00:00 clock
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Annette Kayser and Keo Hundius (percussion)

A Quadrat - the name brings back memories of math lessons. But far from it: this is about squaring cabaret and comedy, in other words: K squared. The rhythmically strong duo, consisting of Annette Kayser and Keo Hundius, is exactly that: strong and rhythmic. This runs through the whole evening. The harmonious, quirky and virtuoso play with colorful plastic tubes, which is dedicated to the topic of racism and sexism in the so-called "social media" and its comparison with the rutting of a stag, is surprisingly clear. And so it goes on, oscillating back and forth between funny, serious, socially critical, political and queer topics.

When the two of them are in a really bad mood because climate change or factory farming have penetrated their minds, the life-affirming sayings on postcards help to make life so beautiful again that it is downright insanely positive.
In between: relaxed moments of pure musical enjoyment, because musically the two of them have a lot to offer! Not only can they sing wonderfully in two voices - above all, rhythmically they elicit everything that is understood by "groove" from suitcases, cans, cajon and their own bodies (with body percussion). Let everyone listen for themselves what can be done with stove tops and ukuleles to describe a noisy profession. All we can say here is: live is worth it!

After "A Quadrat", things continue outside on a whole six square meters of dance floor with complete sound and lighting technology and space for up to 25 people dancing at the same time: the "Fette Elke", a converted Mercedes Sprinter, drives up and, thanks to its suspension alone, provides an unforgettable dance experience for anyone who wants and dares to... Incidentally, you can invite the "Fette Elke" anywhere for your own event, it is extremely flexible and is available for all local initiatives that are committed to democracy and an open society and want to have fun at the same time!

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Event dates
  • Friday, Sep 6, 2024 20:00 - 00:00 clock
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Petersberger Weg 4
23923 Schönberg

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Schönberger Musik und Kunst e.V. / Organizer of the Schönberger Music Summer

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