14th Käthe Miethe Day in Wustrow

3/12/24 in Ostseebad Wustrow

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  • Tuesday, Mar 12, 202417:00 o'clock
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Commemoration of Fischland writer (1893-1961) & book presentation "All who are related to me"

At 4 p.m., there will be a small memorial service at the gravesite of Fischland writer Käthe Miethe (Wustrow cemetery) to mark the 63rd anniversary of her death.

Afterwards, we will go together to the Fischlandhaus Wustrow, where there will be a book presentation and new publication of "Alle, die mir sind verwandt" (Käthe Miethe, supplemented by three essays by Marie Miethe on family history, published by Gisela and Helmut Seibt, Thomas Helms Verlag) from 17:00.

Admission to the book presentation is free.

"Being related is man's first situation until the last days of his life. There is no escape." This sentence by Käthe Miethe (1893-1961) can be found on the very first pages of a work she wrote in the second half of the 1940s, which is now being published for the first time.

In twelve chapters, she deals with the most diverse aspects of the subject of kinship. She takes us on a journey through the centuries, uses numerous examples to illustrate the problems that people related to each other have to deal with, returns to their present time again and again and also allows us a glimpse into our own family.
This look at her own family is supplemented by three texts by Marie Miethe, in which Käthe Miethe's mother describes parts of her own life.

In "Alle, die mir sind verwandt" we get to know a completely new Käthe Miethe, not an author of books for young people, not a chronicler of Fischland. In the last half century, family and kinship have naturally undergone changes, but being related is still "man's first situation" and will remain so "until the last days of his life". Some of Käthe Miethe's thoughts on this are almost frighteningly topical.

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  • Tuesday, Mar 12, 2024 17:00 o'clock
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