• 04_NPI_Zingst2, © TMV/Fischer
  • Ausstellung zum Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft, © K.Bärwald
    Ausstellung zum Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft

“Sundische Wiese“ - National park information of Zingst

The exhibition “Lebensräume“ displays the history and present of the Ostzingst.

The exhibition part “Militärstandort im Norden – die Sundische Wiese“ allows an insight into the effort of providing protection as well as the effects on the picture of the landscape during the last century.

Akka and Nils, two bird models, that are attached to the ceiling, guide through the present. They mainly indicate the international importance of the national park as a coast bird breeding and resting ground.

Different offers in the exhibition make it possible adults and children to learn something about the natural dynamic of the area and its flora and fauna.

The exhibition can be visited by wheelchair users, too.


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Nationalparkinformation Sundische Wiese

Sundische Wiese 1
18374  Zingst

+49 38234 5020

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Nationalparkinformation Sundische Wiese
Sundische Wiese 1
18374 Zingst

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