The “Granitzhaus“ and exhibition

Since 2004, the former forester’s and guest house of the “Fürsten zu Putbus“ houses a visitor centre about the UNESCO biosphere reserve “Südost-Rügen“.

The ”Granitzhaus” on the island of Rügen is a former forester’s and guest house from 1901, which now houses the visitor centre of the biosphere reserve “Südost-Rügen”. It is located right across the hunting lodge Granitz close to Binz. In 1726, the former prince “Fürst zu Putbus Moritz Ulrich I” built a hunting lodge on a free space in front of today’s “Granitzhaus”.

It was made of a main house and one pavilion on each side. Four holy deer heads on the front of the lodge indicated its purpose: the hunt. The main house was the quartier for the baronial society during the shooting season.

The current exhibition conveys interesting facts about the protective area, the regional specialties of southeast Rügen and about the history of the “Granitzhaus” itself, which stands in direct conjunction with the erection of the hunting lodge of Granitz.


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Das Granitzhaus

Jagdschloss Granitz 1
18609  Binz

+49 38301 88290

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Das Granitzhaus
Jagdschloss Granitz 1
18609 Binz

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