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    St. Pauls Church

St. Pauls Church

The St. Pauls church is consider a role model of neo-gothic architecture. Its spot on top of a hill in the historic city center of Schwerin is not its only unique feature. The interior of the church has survived troubled times since the 1869 and has basically never changed. Glass windows, tracery, and a large organ are not the only relicts of church architecture of the 19th century. Tours of the protestant church are available upon request.

Well Planned Construction of the 19th Century

Characteristic for the St. Pauls Church are its numerous towers. The brick stone church was built in 1869 under significant influence of the church expert Theodor Kliefoth - called "Pope of Mecklenburg" by the cities people for his power over the duke and the Church of Mecklenburg. He insisted that the plans cohere with the "Regulations of Eisenach". Therefore, St. Pauls Church is  a well-planned role model of the 19th century neo-gothic style. It is full of Protestant symbols, as well as History of salvation. Especially the beautiful glass paintings represent Kliefoth’s exceptional understanding of the theological understanding of the History of Salvation.

Hightech Construction in Neo-Medieval Look

Building the church on its elevated spot right next to the train connection between Rostock and Hamburg turned out to be highly complicated. The construction represents the most modern construction technology of its time.

Another highlight is the organ built by Friedrich Friese III. His organs are said to be made for the composition of the Romantic Era due to their powerful, yet warm sound. The organ is still being used on a regular basis during the concerts that take place in the church. Besides that, it is being used as part of the church music tradition that has shaped the church’s history since its opening. The wonderful acoustics of the church made it a hot spot for events.

Opening Hours

The St. Pauls Church can only be visit upon request. Please contact the church community office if interested.

Directions and Parking

The church is located between the city center and the central station. There are a limited number of parking spots at the central station (distance 250 m). We recommend using the parking garages in the city center (approximately 500 m walking distance).


Historical Buildings


St. Paulskirche Schwerin

Am Packhof 8
19053  Schwerin

Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirchengemeinde St. Paul, Gemeindebüro, Am Packhof 8, 19053 Schwerin
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St. Paulskirche Schwerin
Am Packhof 8
19053 Schwerin

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