• Detail eines Grabmals auf dem Alten Friedhof in Schwerin, © Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Schwerin
    Detail eines Grabmals auf dem Alten Friedhof in Schwerin

Historic Cemetery Schwerin

The "Alter Friedhof" is a historic graveyard founded in victorian times. It was planned by master builder Demmler and master gardener Klett. Many tombs and graves belong to notable members of Schwerin court and important persons of Schwerin's history. Many graves are protected as historic buildings and artwork. The Historic Cemetery is at the same time a beautifully composed landscape park.

Notable Vaults and Graves

There are more then 30 protected burial sites, which can be visited at the old cemetery. A very notable one is the tomb of master builder Georg Adolf Demmler. He designed the tomb himself and included a vast amount symbols connected to the Freemasons - which he was a member of. Another notable grave belongs to one of Germany's most known warehousemen "Rudolf Karstadt" - founder of the Karstadt Company.

How to get there

You can go by bus from the city centre. The name of the bus stop is "Alter Friedhof". The train station "Schwerin Mitte" is about 600m away. There is a parking garage at "Bleicher Ufer" in 200m distance from the cemetery entrance.


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Alter Friedhof Schwerin

Obotritenring 245
19053  Schwerin

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Alter Friedhof Schwerin
Obotritenring 245
19053 Schwerin

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