Hedges Garden

The Hedges Garden is situated in the southern part of Schwerins Castle Garden. It has been planted in 2009 for the National Garden Exhibition (BUGA). Inspired by hedge mazes and as a show room for garden borders it reminds of royal garden labyrinths. Right next you find the "Temple of Youth", a restaurant and the museum "Schleifmühle".

The hedge maze reminds of the tradition to plant mazes made of flowers, trees and hedges in royal and noble gardens. Those mazes were made to amuse visitors by creating new sights, misleading and leading to hidden romantic places. Additionally this hedge garden was supposed to give ideas for the private gardens of visitors of the National Garden Exhibition held in Schwerin in 2009. Hedges of different plants - green or with colourful blossoms create small seperated rooms to relax and enjoy your very own green oasis.


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Heckengarten im Südlichen Schlossgarten

19053  Schwerin

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Heckengarten im Südlichen Schlossgarten
19053 Schwerin

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