• Braunbär Balou - BÄRENWALD Müritz, © Thomas Oppermann
    Braunbär Balou - BÄRENWALD Müritz
  • Braunbärin Luna badet - BÄRENWALD Müritz, © Thomas Oppermann
    Braunbärin Luna badet - BÄRENWALD Müritz


Brown bears – all of which came from improperly kept habitats – live in Western Europe’s largest bear sanctuary in the Mecklenburg Lakes. It is open all year round!

Nestling in a green idyll in the very heart of the Mecklenburg Lakes is the BÄRENWALD Müritz – the largest bear sanctuary in Western Europe. Consciously left in its natural state, the brown bears have been living in the forest since 2006.  

The BÄRENWALD is worth visiting all year round with the whole family. A hiking path leads through the forest. There is plenty of space to explore, enjoy and relax while hiking along the 16 km forest area. If no bears are in sight, discover stations full of fascinating information and games. There are plenty of interesting facts but there is also lots of fun to be had. A bear expert is available all year round to take you on special walks and guided tours into the exciting realm of the bears. For our younger visitors, for example, there is the large forest adventure playground, a nature discovery trail with maze and high path as well as a memory game.

The park is one of the most beautiful nature experiences and destinations in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.


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Am Bärenwald 1
17209  Stuer

+49 (0)39924 79118

BÄRENWALD Müritz, Am Bärenwald 1, 17209 Stuer
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Am Bärenwald 1
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