Wisent show enclosure, © Pomorze Zachodnie

The show enclosure located in the Woliński National Park is the habitat of up to 20 animals at a time.

The size of the enclosure is 28 ha. Behind the fence there are viewing terraces and the entrance is marked by a magnificent gate. In 1976 the first four bisons were brought here from Borki and Białowieża: the cow Pomina, the bull Podskakiewicz and the two heifers Pompeja and Podwyżka. Most of the bison living in the enclosure today were born here. Every year 1-2 calves are born. The status of the enclosure in its history was between 5 and 12 bisons. Today there are 5 of them living here: Poznaniak II, Polikosia, Posawa, Pozowa and Polanin II.

Although the enclosure was established mainly with the aim of preserving the bison species, it also cares for sick or man-raised animals that are unable to survive in their natural environment. These include wild boar, deer and white-tailed eagles.

The enclosure has seating, tables, a gazebo for eating and resting, viewing terraces and restrooms. The Natonalpark is handicapped accessible.

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