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Today, the "Villa Auguste" is a day care center for elderly citizens, but originally the building was a normal residential house.

The leather manufacturer Julius Steinlein (1855 - 1925) had the villa built in neoclassical style between 1902 and 1904 and named it after his wife Auguste Steinlein. In addition to its prestigious corner location, the property also has two imposing stained glass windows with floral designs in the foyer. Steinlein's models were villas in major German cities.

When Auguste Steinlein died in 1947 and her last surviving dependents renounced their inheritance, the villa came into the possession of the city of Malchow in 1958.

After that, it was first used by the public, as a "clubhouse for working people" and from 1990 as a youth center "Haus der Jugend".

Finally, in 2014/2015, a comprehensive renovation of the building took place, so that the historic view was restored. After the end of the work, the house was taken over by the Malchower Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH and reopened as the day care "Villa Auguste". For this purpose, a staircase had to be added and some rooms had to be adapted.

But also the outdoor area around the fountain figure "Nereide with Putto", which had been destroyed by vandalism, was restored.

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Villa Auguste

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Villa Auguste
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