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Guest information for the state-recognized resorts of Saal, Fuhlendorf and Pruchten

Welcome to the southern Bodden coast. We welcome you to the state-recognized resorts of Saal, Fuhlendorf and Pruchten between the Bodden towns of Ribnitz-Damgarten and Barth, south of the Darß.

On the Saaler, Bodstedter and Barther Bodden, the last historic Zeesboote set their brown sails. They share the lagoon landscape with recreational captains, windsurfers, kiters and anglers, watched with fascination by cyclists on the Bodden cycle paths through sparse reed beds. In the small Bodden villages, artists invite you into their studios, vacation homes for vacationing, harbours and bathing spots for resting and lingering, the endless blueberry forest for exploring and pilgrimage, the Bodden meadows for observing cranes, eagles & co.

Our services:

  • Guest information about the region
  • Spa ticket information
  • Purchase of day spa tickets
  • Tickets for local tours, guided tours and community events
  • Tickets for the White Fleet (ferry, scheduled and special trips)
  • Tickets for the Ozeaneum Stralsund
  • Literature, postcards and souvenirs
  • Cycling and hiking maps
  • Free WIFI
  • Tourist fishing license and fishing permits (inland waters of the state fishing association, coastal waters)

Opening hours:
South Bodden Coast Tourist Office: Mon-Fri 10am-3pm, June-September additionally Sat 10am-12pm and by appointment

Information office harbour master Neuendorf: Easter-October Mon-Fri 9.30-10.30 am and 2.30-3.30 pm, Sat-Sun 9-10 am and by appointment (Tel. 0160 90291779)

Information office harbour master Bodstedt harbour: daily 7-8 am, 12.15-13.15 pm, 18-19.30 pm and by appointment (0151 55331832)

South Bodden Coast Spa Card:

The Southern Bodden Coast Spa Card is valid in the state-recognized resorts:
Municipalities of Saal, Fuhlendorf and Pruchten
Overview of all basic services of the Southern Bodden Coast Spa Card: The services are available to all spa card holders free of charge or with low usage or participation fees*.

In all municipalities:

  • Public transport - bus routes 214 and 210 from Ribnitz-Damgarten to Barth and from Barth to Zingst, in both directions vvr-bus.de/bediengebiete/nordvorpommern/fahrplan/ ... fare-free use for all spa card holders, multiple times, incl. transport of dogs with "dog" spa card, plus costs for bicycle transport
  • Cycle paths with route guidance system, rest and information points
  • Seating areas/benches with litter garbage cans in the villages
  • Wayfinding systems in the villages
  • Public toilets
  • Dog toilets
  • Southern Bodden Coast Tourist Office (Fuhlendorf - Hafenstr. 4)
  • Parking lots

State-recognized resort Municipality of Saal

  • Tourist information center Wasserwanderrastplatz Hafen Neuendorf (Hafenweg)
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9.30-10.30 a.m. and 2.30-3.30 p.m., Sat-Sun 9-10 a.m.
  • Saal meeting center (Hofstr.)
  • Neuendorf harbor e-bike charging station (Hafenweg on the Boddenradrundweg)
  • Neuendorf bathing area with sunbathing lawn (Hafenweg)
  • WLAN hotspot in the Neuendorf harbor area (Hafenweg, with password)

State-recognized resort municipality of Fuhlendorf

  • Bathing areas with sunbathing lawns (Fuhlendorf - Hafenstr., Bodstedt - Am Hafen)
  • Nature adventure trail (entrances Fuhlendorf - Waldstr., Bodstedt - Am Wald)
  • Tourist Information South Bodden Coast (Hafenstr. 4) Opening times: Mon-Fri 10-15 hrs, Sat 10-12 hrs and by appointment)
  • Info points with local maps (Fuhlendorf - Dorfstr./Alte Dorfstr., Bodstedt - Damm/Am Hafen)
  • Am Hafen playground (Bodstedt - Damm/Kita Leuchtturm)
  • Sports field (Bodstedt - Damm/Am Hafen)
  • WLAN hotspot in the tourist information area at Hafenstr. 4 (without password)

State-recognized resort municipality of Pruchten

  • Crane view Bresewitz (Zur Oie)
  • Playgrounds (Pruchten - Zeltplatzstr./Kita Wurzelzwerge, Bresewitz - Am Anger)
  • Bresewitz info point (Am Anger/former fire station)

Please note that the Fischland-Darß-Zingst 2023/2024 guest card (after the 2022 pilot phase) is not part of the Südliche Boddenküste spa card.

Additional services from our spa card partners
on presentation of the Southern Bodden Coast Spa Card

  • Reederei Rasche passenger ship "Heidi" fahrgastschiff-darss.de | 1.00 euro discount for adults on the Born-Bodstedt-Prerow ferry service
  • Hessenburg Crane Museum kranichhotel.de | 1.00 Euro discount on admission for adults
  • Baltic Sea-Schmuck Schaumanufaktur ostseeschmuck.de | An amber treasure as a lucky stone to start a jewelry collection, 10% discount code on your next online purchase
  • German Amber Museum in Ribnitz-Damgarten Monastery deutsches-bernsteinmuseum.de | 1.00 euro discount on admission for adults
  • Bodden-Therme Ribnitz-Damgarten bodden-therme.de | 1.00 euro discount on admission (one-off)
  • Open-air museum Klockenhagen freilichtmuseum-klockenhagen.de | 1.00 Euro discount on admission for adults
  • Bernsteinreiter Barth & Hirschburg bernsteinreiter.de | 15,00 Euro discount on one hour pony carriage ride
  • Natur-Schatzkammer Neuheide naturschatzkammer.de | 2.00 Euro discount on admission for adults
  • Vogelpark Marlow vogelpark-marlow.de | 1.00 Euro discount on admission in the high season
  • Windjammer-Museum Barth windjammer-museum.de | 1.00 Euro discount on admission & free audio guide
  • Galerie kunstvoll Barth kunstvoll-barth.de | 1.00 euro discount on admission
  • Bibelzentrum Barth bibelzentrum-barth.de | 0.50 Euro discount on admission for adults
  • Ferdinand von Raesfeld Forestry and Hunting Museum in Born darss.org | Reduced admission
  • Events organized by the spa administration in the Fischerkirche Born a. Darß darss.org | Reduced admission

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Tourismusförderung Südliche Boddenküste

Hafenstr. 4
18356 Fuhlendorf

038231 41230

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Tourismusförderung Südliche Boddenküste
Hafenstr. 4
18356 Fuhlendorf

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What's nearby?

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© Bibelzentrum

Bible Center Barth

  • Open today
  • Sundische Straße, 18356 Barth

Experience exhibition on the Bible - with the Barth Bible from 1588 as the most prominent representative, a Bible garden and Christian rose garden. State-approved place of learning with various cultural and educational events for all interested.

Read more: "Bible Center Barth"
© Nationalparkamt Vorpommern

“Sundische Wiese“ - National park information of Zingst

  • Open today
  • Sundische Wiese, 18374 Zingst

The exhibition “Lebensräume“ displays the history and present of the Ostzingst.

Read more: "“Sundische Wiese“ - National park information of Zingst"
Fischlandhaus Library Baltic resort Wustrow, © Moritz Kertzscher

Fischlandhaus Wustrow

  • Open today
  • Neue Straße, 18347 Ostseebad Wustrow

The Fischlandhaus is a listed high-ceilinged house in Neue Straße.

Read more: "Fischlandhaus Wustrow"
© Kur- und Tourist GmbH Darß

Nature park and guest centre “Darßer Arche“

  • Open today
  • Bliesenrader Weg, 18375 Wieck a. Darß

The national park and visitor centre “Darßer Arche“ is located in the old school of Wieck, which was supplemented by a generous extension. The guest information and accommodation bureau welcomes you in the foyer and in the hull-looking new building of the “Darßer Arche“ you will experience the national park exhibition “Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft“.

Read more: "Nature park and guest centre “Darßer Arche“"
n the farm store you can taste salts, take a guided tour or relax in the graduation house., © Salzmanufaktur/Klemp

SALT Manufacture M-V

  • Open today
  • Feldstraße, 18320 Trinwillershagen

In our salt experience center - the salt towers of Trinwillershagen - immerse yourself in the fascinating variety of 32,000 kg of natural salts in our bizarre tower with a 16-cornered ground plan, interior grading works, nebulization plants, clay brook oven and a world of 240 different salty specialties.

Read more: "SALT Manufacture M-V"
© Kitesurf & Kanu Born

Kitesurf & Canoe Born

  • Open today
  • Regenbogen-Camp - Nordstraße, 18375 Born a. Darß

Always worth a visit, even for non-water sports enthusiasts! Kitesurf & Canoe Born is a popular destination for surfing, camping, coffee and nature lovers.

Read more: "Kitesurf & Canoe Born"
Ahrenshoop Art Museum, exterior view, © Kurverwaltung Ahrenshoop · Foto voigt&kranz UG, Prerow

Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop – Ahrenshoop Museum of Art

  • Open today
  • Weg zum Hohen Ufer, 18347 Ahrenshoop

From Barbizon to the Baltic: See how naturalistic painting came to northern Germany.

Read more: "Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop – Ahrenshoop Museum of Art"
Gallery nupnau art, Prerow, © Paolo Schubert/nupnau art

Art gallery nupnau art

  • Waldstraße, 18375 Prerow

In Prerow, photographer, gallery owner and journalist Ekkehart Nupnau opened a new gallery for art and photography at Waldstraße 7 in June 2022. The focus of his exhibitions throughout the year is the multi-talented Armin Mueller-Stahl.

Read more: "Art gallery nupnau art"
© Kiteschule Darss

Kite school Darss

  • Open today
  • Bernsteinweg, 18375 Prerow

Kitesurfing courses from beginner to advanced, individual courses, children's holiday camps, store with beach fashion

Read more: "Kite school Darss"
Welcome to the pleasure store, © Rost GbR

Organic roastery LandDelikat

  • Open today
  • Nelkenstraße, 18356 Barth

Our family business in the national park region Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft, feels particularly close to the unique nature and wants to contribute to its protection with sustainable management.

Read more: "Organic roastery LandDelikat"
© voigt&kranz UG, Prerow

Schifferkirche (Church)

  • Open today
  • Paetowweg, 18347 Ahrenshoop

Its name demonstrates its close ties to seafaring and its interiors are reminiscent of an upside-down ship. It hosts reverences, concerts and lectures.

Read more: "Schifferkirche (Church)"
© Stadt Barth

Vineta World of Experience

  • Open today
  • Papenstraße, 18356 Barth

The Vineta experience world takes our young guests into a play world around the sunken city that gave Barth its nickname. Here there are listening stations, coloring sections, costumes to dress up in, the underwater world with chillout area and much more.

Read more: "Vineta World of Experience"
Fischerkirche Born a. Darß, © TMVV/Gohlke

Fishing church Born

  • Open today
  • Kirchweg, 18375 Born

The fishermen's church in Born impresses with its Darss architecture - completely made of wood and covered with a cane roof.

Read more: "Fishing church Born"
Enjoy your food and drinks in the immediate vicinity of the copper-colored brew kettle and in a beautiful and friendly ambience., © Darßer BRAUHAUS


  • Open today
  • Bergstraße, 18375 Prerow

Right in the heart of Prerow, the Darßer BRAUHAUS invites you to stop by with its home-brewed beers and modern fresh cuisine.

Read more: "Darss BREWHOUSE"
The SURFBUS at the perfect flat water spot in Saal., © Supremesurf

Supreme SURFBUS - surf school surf store events

  • Am Strande, 18055 Rostock

Learn to surf with Supreme Surf School. We offer you the best conditions to learn surfing, perfect equipment and unforgettable experiences.

Read more: "Supreme SURFBUS - surf school surf store events"
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