Sound for horses with Sabine Schnabel- in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and nationwide

Sabine Schnabel - SOUND FOR HORSES: Acupuncture points and GOOD VIBRATIONS..., © Anika Büssemeier
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Treat your horse to wellness and a kick for the immune system! With a professional sound massage, you help your favorite to let go of accumulated stress and to release muscular or mental blockages. Gentle, enjoyable and lasting. For a good flow between horse and rider, on vacation and beyond...

You are planning a vacation with horse in the beautiful north? You are open for a very special vacation experience?

Horses with their fine perception love to get into the GOOD VIBRATIONS and HEALINGS SOUNDS of singing bowls, tuning forks and other instruments. They very quickly enter into deep relaxation, in which their entire organism is deeply regenerated. Among other things, the immune system is strengthened. Accumulated stress can dissolve gently and sustainably. The healthy air and the clear light of the north strengthen the healing effect of HEALING SOUNDS even more.

HEALING SOUNDS work through the high water content of the cells in all body systems, from muscles, fasciae and joints to bones, internal organs and the nervous system.

The healing effects of GOOD VIBRATIONS have now been extensively documented and proven scientifically. From a neurobiological point of view, they bring the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems into balance. Thus vitality and composure grow - relaxation sets in.

A sound session has the potential to relieve and release stubborn physical and mental tensions "as if by accident". Your horse's energy reserves are replenished. A deeply relaxing and lasting vacation experience for horse and rider!

If you like, join us and enjoy more harmony and ease in your horse-rider team. Beyond training routine and everyday stress. On vacation and beyond. Just give me a call. I will come to your vacation destination. Also at short notice.

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