Entrance farm store and coffee roastery, © Nadin Rokitta
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Taste the difference! Here the product does not come from the assembly line. Here one manufactures with heart and hand.

We, Nadin and Oliver Rokitta want you to experience coffee in a wonderful way and enjoy it at home.

All our coffees are top quality coffee or Speciality Coffee, as it is called in English. This means that the coffee always reaches at least 80 points on a quality scale of 0-100 points. Only 5% of the world's coffee even reaches this quality level. So you can really say that our coffee is world class.

In order for us to proudly offer you a really good coffee, roasting, beans, quality and aromas play a crucial role.
However, all this becomes secondary if we cannot also proudly say that our coffee is grown under good conditions and that we support many social projects locally. Freshness is also crucial for the right taste of coffee. Because only freshly roasted coffee has a particularly fine taste and aroma. That is why we roast our coffee slowly and gently in our own coffee roastery in the coastal foothills of the Baltic Sea, so that each bean can fully develop its own character. You can see how fresh our coffee is by our packaging, which all comes with a valve so that the coffee can still outgas.

To match the coffee you can buy in our farm store various coffee makers, coffee cups, candles and beautiful Swedish and Danish home accessories. Further in the offer are wine and sparkling wine from Baden Württemberg, once from a small winery which is led by women and sparkling wine from Germany's oldest sparkling wine manufactory.

Come and browse without obligation and look over our shoulder during roasting (opening hours on the website) or visit our online store.

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Rokitta's Kaffeemanufaktur und Hofladen

Gremersdorfer Str. 7
18461 Gremersdorf-Buchholz

+49 38320716721

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Rokitta's Kaffeemanufaktur und Hofladen
Gremersdorfer Str. 7
18461 Gremersdorf-Buchholz

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