Luisenhof - farm store and café in Wiebendorf

Organic milk from own farm, © J.HOLLWEG
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Our organic products fresh from the farm and much more BIO!

Our Luisenhof products

We offer our own Luisenhof products such as fresh milk, yogurt, butter, buttermilk and cheese in our farm store. Our Luisenhof cheese assortment includes semi-hard cheeses from cow's, sheep's and goat's milk as well as two types of shepherd's cheese, once from sheep's milk and again once from goat's milk. We also offer a selected range of organic products. You will find organic coffee, organic teas, jams and liqueurs, egg liqueur, made with eggs from hens from our own mobile barn or pasta, in the production of which eggs from our own farm are also used. Some products are offered unpackaged, so we contribute to the reduction of packaging waste and thus support sustainable consumption.

Organic milk from our own farm

The cows, from whose milk the products are made, can be found directly outside on the pastures or in winter in the barn on the farm. They live on green fodder, the grass on the pastures, in summer and receive hay or silage in winter.

Cow and calf stay together

In addition to producing organic milk, we pay special attention to animal welfare. Our calves are raised cow-tied, which means that after their birth, cow and calf stay together for at least 90 days. The calves can drink milk from the mother cows or nurses at any time, which contributes to positive behavior in the herd.

Demeter beef products

We also offer Demeter meat and Demeter sausage, which meet the highest standards for natural animal husbandry, species-appropriate feeding and stress-free slaughtering. Pasture keeping and the slow, gentle rearing of the animals make the products particularly tasty. In our farm store you will find roulades, goulash, minced meat, steaks and roasts of beef, as well as bratwurst and salami.


On our natural terrace you can enjoy delicious cakes and homemade coffee specialties in a relaxed atmosphere in the countryside. For our little guests we have a playground outside, where it is wonderful to play and romp.

Opening hours

DI-DO 12-18 o'clock, FR-SA 9-18 o'clock, SO and on holidays 14-18 o'clock, MO day off

Vacation on the Luisenhof

On our farm we offer a newly equipped vacation apartment for up to five people. This is about 90 square meters and has a cozy living room with open kitchen as well as two separate bedrooms and a bathroom.

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