Country tavern "WeinReich, © Silke Voss
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Hollyhocks add cheerful accents in front of the Feldsteinherrenhaus, a turkey and a border collie eager to play keep things lively, and inside things are fresh as well.

With cakes made from clear apples from the meadow orchard, jellies made from rose, mint, elder and good German wines. Two women have given their country pub "WeinReich" a young Berlin flair.

Previously, Kraase was known as a goat dairy. The entire herd now grazes near Friedland, where a new goat farm is to be built.

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Landstübchen „WeinReich“

Alte Schmiede 1
17219 Kraase

+49 (0)39928 60895

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Landstübchen „WeinReich“
Alte Schmiede 1
17219 Kraase

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Waren (Müritz) Information

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The Waren (Müritz) Information in the Haus des Gastes is your contact point for your vacation in the health spa Waren (Müritz), the town with the maritime flair.

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Gevezin Manor House

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National Park Hotel Kranichrast

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Open air stage Waren

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Show garden at the Tiefwarensee

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Today is history tomorrow

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the small, fine event location for locals and guests

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With canoe pike on national park tour

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Here you can experience the beauty of the Müritz National Park from a completely different side. It is called board a boat of the diverse fleet and enjoy the silence and partial solitude of the region.

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Martin's friends two-wheel service

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Bike repairs in and around the Müritz - National Park! We offer on-site bicycle maintenance (by appointment), sales and professional advice. Furthermore, there is the possibility for tourist facilities to use our maintenance service.

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The National Park Information Federow is open as a starting point to your experience in the Müritz National Park, daily from April to October from 9:00 to 18:00.

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Village church Kratzeburg

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The hall church, built in 1786, was built in half-timbering and has a baroque interior.

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The Fischerhof Waren "Am Seeufer" is located in the immediate vicinity of the city harbor and the old town. From the terrace, guests enjoy an incomparable view of the Müritz and the old town.

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