DOK exhibition, © Arndt Gläser Stadt Barth

Here you will find the permanent exhibition "12 of 750 years. Barth under National Socialism 1933 - 1945. It was opened on May 1, 2006 with the participation of former prisoners and prisoners of war, their children and grandchildren from many European countries, the USA, Canada, Russia, Israel, Ukraine, among others. Since then, guests of the city, schoolchildren, students, travel groups and interested people from almost all continents, but especially the people of Barth themselves, visited the presentation.

"12 out of 750 years. Barth under National Socialism 1933 - 1945".

The title of this exhibition triggered multi-layered reactions and comments.
- "Is this necessary?
- "Let history finally rest in peace!"

"Is it necessary to burden the celebrations of the 750th anniversary of the city with this inglorious period?"
- "It was only 12 years out of 750!"

Yes it is necessary ? yes one must ? yes also these 12 years belong to the history of this city, the Bodden city, the Vineta city!

Also in these 12 years lived in the city bakers, shoemakers, blacksmiths, officials, teachers, nurses, coal merchants, photographers, doctors, housewives, pastors, workers, gardeners and, and, and .... .

It is claimed that the number of inhabitants almost doubled during this period.

In this period there were:

  • the prisoner of war camp Barth/Vogelsang Stalag Luft I
  • the Luftwaffe training division
  • the field anti-aircraft artillery school (center) 11
  • the ammunition plant "Pommersche Industrie-Werke GmbH (PIW)
  • the aircraft works Ernst Heinkels, ("Müller-Werk") on the air base Barth

During this time (June 1938) "German superiority" was demonstrated to the European military ? The place was the "tactical testing station Barth".

And there was the concentration camp Barth-Ravensbrück during this time.

Questions, comparisons, discussions, additions, thoughtfulness ? hardly anyone leaves the exhibition rooms as they entered them. Many become aware that this burdening part of the past can also begin behind the fence of one's own allotment garden, that one can experience history here on site and that one can deal with it? Indeed, you have to deal with it.

The DOK is run by the Förderverein Dokumentations- und Begegnungsstätte Barth e.V. (Barth Documentation and Meeting Place Association).

The exhibition "12 of 750 years - Barth under National Socialism 1933 - 1945" is open to visitors during the season ( from May ) on the following days:

Wednesday and Thursday 10:00 - 14:00.

After an agreement by e-mail further visits of the exhibition can be discussed

It is located in the Vineta community center, Papenstraße 8.

If you are interested in a guided tour, please contact us in advance at

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Förderverein Dokumentations- und Begegnungsstätte Barth e.V.

Vineta Bürgerhaus
Papenstraße 8
18356 Barth
038231 - 37450

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Förderverein Dokumentations- und Begegnungsstätte Barth e.V.
Vineta Bürgerhaus
Papenstraße 8
18356 Barth

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© Nationalparkamt Vorpommern

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Bible Center Barth

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Experience exhibition on the Bible - with the Barth Bible from 1588 as the most prominent representative, a Bible garden and Christian rose garden. State-approved place of learning with various cultural and educational events for all interested.

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Kitesurf & Canoe Born

  • Regenbogen-Camp - Nordstraße, 18375 Born a. Darß

Always worth a visit, even for non-water sports enthusiasts! Kitesurf & Canoe Born is a popular destination for surfing, camping, coffee and nature lovers.

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Gallery nupnau art, Prerow, © Paolo Schubert/nupnau art

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© Kur- und Tourist GmbH Darß

Nature park and guest centre “Darßer Arche“

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  • Bliesenrader Weg, 18375 Wieck a. Darß

The national park and visitor centre “Darßer Arche“ is located in the old school of Wieck, which was supplemented by a generous extension. The guest information and accommodation bureau welcomes you in the foyer and in the hull-looking new building of the “Darßer Arche“ you will experience the national park exhibition “Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft“.

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Welcome to the pleasure store, © Rost GbR

Organic roastery LandDelikat

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© Sven Lingott / Gut Darß

Erlebnishof Gut Darß

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On Gut Darß we offer: Climbing forest, adventure mini golf course, curling, estate tours, playground and petting zoo, estate kitchen, farm café & farm store. For young and old, big and small - in short: for the whole family!

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Baltic mill - healthy for gourmets

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© Stadt Barth

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Fischerkirche Born a. Darß, © TMVV/Gohlke

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Beer garden, © Schlösschen

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Enjoy your food and drinks in the immediate vicinity of the copper-colored brew kettle and in a beautiful and friendly ambience., © Darßer BRAUHAUS


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© Kiteschule Darss

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Kitesurfing courses from beginner to advanced, individual courses, children's holiday camps, store with beach fashion

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© Surfschule Barth

Surf school Barth

  • Glöwitz, 18356 Barth

Water sports on the Barther Bodden. Windsurfing, sailing, canoe/kayak tours, catamaran sailing, rowing.

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© Gutshaus Hessenburg / Philipp Obkircher

Crane Hotel and Museum in Hessenburg Manor House

  • Dorfplatz, 18317 Hessenburg

The manor house in Hessenburg is all about the crane. Around Hessenburg, these ambassadors of happiness rest in large flocks in spring and autumn. The manor house itself houses the registry office for the rural area of the town of Barth, the crane museum and the crane hotel with charming apartments.

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