Center of the Slavs and Vikings, © Pomorze Zachodnie

In the open-air museum located on the island of Ostrów, reconstructions of early medieval buildings can be seen.

The Center of Slavs and Vikings is located on the island of Ostrów (Plage Wiese) in front of the town of Wolin. 

In the Center of Slavs and Vikings was created an open-air museum, where you can see the reconstruction of a dozen residential and craft buildings from the early Middle Ages (9th-11th centuries). Visitors can look at replicas of furniture, tools and everyday objects. They can take part in workshops of clay modeling, felt making, and writing with goose quill, practice early medieval drill, shoot with a bow, and also taste a Viking snack. All this is to bring closer in a lively way how people lived 1000 years ago.

Every year at the turn of July and August the Slavic and Viking festival takes place here. Crowds of warriors then gather for one of the largest and most international early medieval events in the world. Participants present ancient crafts, historical music, stage historical events, regattas and cruises with replicas of historical boats. There are many games and activities as well as historical lectures.

Other events are also organized in the open-air museum. These include the Archaeological Picnic, Young Birch Day, Midsummer Night, Honey Harvest, Experimental Archaeology Workshops, Slavic Harvest Festival, September Workshops and Dziady Rituals.

Individual tourists, groups and schools are invited to the interesting educational program and a unique encounter with history.

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Zentrum der Slawen und Wikinger

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Zentrum der Slawen und Wikinger
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