Women's Day event Maria Vollmer

3/6/24 in Hagenow

Maria Vollmer, © Foto: Ulrike Reinker

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  • Wednesday, Mar 6, 202419:30 - 21:30 clock
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*Behind the climax continues
The parties with friends have dwindled to coffee mornings, the children are talking about moving out and hubby has set up a craft room. So is her life slowly entering the home straight, in which the remaining program will consist of crocheting bibs for her grandchildren?

On the contrary - for Maria Vollmer, things are just getting interesting! She wants to continue helping to save the planet and also make sure that her husband Rainer doesn't mutilate himself doing DIY. But above all, she wants to celebrate the fact that life remains colorful, cheerful and exuberant despite all the crises

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Event dates
  • Wednesday, Mar 6, 2024 19:30 - 21:30 clock
Event Location

City Hall Hagenow

Langestraße 28-32
19230 Hagenow

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Lange Str. 28
19230 Hagenow


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