Women out of the sidelines - gender equality in sport

6/26/24 in Rostock

Not everyone has the same starting position: there is still a long way to go to achieve gender equality in sport., © EIZ Rostock

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  • Wednesday, Jun 26, 202418:00 - 20:00 clock
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The European Men's Football Championship will take place in Germany this year. But one thing is already clear: the men's soccer tournament will be characterized by greater spectator interest and media coverage than last year's Women's World Cup.

Most top athletes learned their basics at their local sports club from an early age. There is already a greater male representation in many different sports. Starting with the number of members in a club, through to the issuing of coaching licenses and full-time employment in sport. Is it simply a lack of interest from girls or women in sport in general, or is it the framework conditions that need to be improved? Various expert groups have come to the clear conclusion that structural changes are needed to promote women in sport.

The foundations for more gender equality must therefore start at grassroots level and are crucial to ensure that people have equal opportunities to participate, train and get involved in sport, regardless of their gender. We would like to discuss with you at our event at the EIZ Rostock in Haus Europa how this can be achieved and what adjustments need to be made. We cordially invite you to find out about the current situation regarding gender equality in sport and to discuss possible solutions with our experts.
Please register in advance (by telephone or via our website) and please note that the event can only take place with a minimum of seven participants.

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Event dates
  • Wednesday, Jun 26, 2024 18:00 - 20:00 clock
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