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  • Thursday, Jul 25, 202411:00 - 13:00 clock
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With soap and washboard...A washing day like around 1900

With soap and washboard... A washing day like around 1900
On July 25 and August 15, 2024, the museum courtyard at Malchiner Tor will be transformed into a laundry scene, where visitors of all ages can experience and try out for themselves how women did laundry around 120 years ago. You will find out why this only happened every four to six weeks, but then for one or two days. Linen is then hung on the washing lines in the museum courtyard, which are stretched up with homemade wooden hooks. In a wooden tub or a zinc tub, you can rub a piece of laundry clean yourself with soap and water on a washboard, rinse it with clear water, wring it out and hang it up. You can also try out a rotary ironer. You will be equipped with aprons and headscarves like the washerwomen used to wear.

Have fun!

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Contribution towards expenses: € 6.00 (including museum admission) Contact: 03996 172827

Event dates
  • Thursday, Jul 25, 2024 11:00 - 13:00 clock
Event Location

Teterow City Museum

Südliche Ringstraße 1
17166 Teterow
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Teterow City Museum

Südliche Ringstraße 1
17166 Teterow


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