Focus on Nicaragua: Arbitrariness and aggression against the church and opposition - background and assessment

5/14/24 in Güstrow

Poster community evening, © Thomas-Morus-Bildungswerk

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  • Tuesday, May 14, 202419:00 o'clock
Scene & Trends, Lecture & Science, Literature


The Güstrow community evening invites you:
with speaker: Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Werz from Rostock.

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Event dates
  • Tuesday, May 14, 2024 19:00 o'clock
Event Location

Parish hall of the Catholic Church

Grüne Straße 23 - 25
18273 Güstrow

Contact the organiser

Thomas-Morus-Bildungswerk Schwerin

Lankower Straße 14 - 16
19057 Schwerin


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