The Mirror (Soviet Union 1975 - 108 min - Director: Andrei Tarkovsky)

7/7/24 in Greifswald

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  • Sunday, Jul 7, 202419:30 o'clock
Cinema, Naturally Romantic

as part of "Caspar David Friedrich - Cinematic Dialogues

A family falls apart - but what should actually happen to the 12-year-old son? When German troops invade the Soviet Union, the divorce fades into the background, the father is drafted, mother and son are deported to the hinterland. Director Andrei Tarkovsky's most personal work takes fragments of his family history and condenses them into an intense meditation on loss and experience. "In the film, you don't have to explain anything, but rather act directly on the viewer's feelings. The awakened emotions then move the thoughts forward." (Tarkowski) Admission: 5,- € With Caspar David Friedrich through the year 2024 - we'll be there!

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  • Sunday, Jul 7, 2024 19:30 o'clock
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Wolgaster Landstr.
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Wolgaster Landstr.
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