The leaf crest of the choir screen of St. Nikolai

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Leaf crest of the choir screen in St. Nikolai in Stralsund, © Hanns-Peter Neumann

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  • Thursday, Jun 13, 202419:30 - 20:30 clock
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Lecture by Lilian Münch, conservator (Potsdam) on the leaf comb of the Gothic choir screen of St. Nikolai in Stralsund

At a height of around four meters, the leaf crest forms the upper end of the choir screen of St. Nikolai. Due to ageing and reworking, the once polychrome leaf crest is not in good condition today. The wooden construction is severely restricted in its connections and therefore hardly secured. The findings of the coloring are extremely poor, the leaf elements are mostly transparent. Conservation and restoration proposals for the future handling of the object are formulated on the basis of comprehensive technological investigations.

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Event dates
  • Thursday, Jun 13, 2024 19:30 - 20:30 clock
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Auf dem St. Nikolaikirchhof 1
18439 Stralsund
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Auf dem St. Nikolaikirchhof 1
18439 Stralsund


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