"Crime Scene Stasi Headquarters - Who Decided What and Where?" Saturday in the archive with book presentation

4/6/24 in Leezen

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Guided Tours & Tours, Lecture & Science

Every month, we offer guided tours to provide an insight into the history, holdings and working methods of the Stasi Records Archive. Beforehand, you can attend lectures, exhibitions or discussions with contemporary witnesses on topics from the Stasi files.

The headquarters of the State Security Service was located in Berlin-Lichtenberg for four decades. From here, the ministry's leadership coordinated the work in the district administrations, object and district offices and conducted foreign espionage against the West. The orders, directives and guidelines issued in Lichtenberg formed the basis for action against critics of the regime and dissidents. The book by Dr. Christian Halbrock (Berlin) explains the function of the individual buildings on the site. In addition to the offices of the full-time staff, card indexes and archive storage, radio and communication networks, mail and telephone surveillance, the health, service and sports facilities for the staff and a remand prison were also located here.

In addition to the program, it is possible to apply for personal access to the Stasi files. A valid identity document is required for this.

Followed by a tour of the archive
Admission is free.

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Apr 6, 2024 14:30 - 16:30 clock
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Stasi Archives, Schwerin Branch Office

Görslow - Resthof 2
19067 Leezen

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