Son et Lumière

6/28/24 to 6/29/24 in Schwerin

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On June 23 and 24, as darkness falls, an unforgettable music-synchronized light and laser production begins at the picturesque Schwerin Castle. Emotional music paired with impressive visual effects will provide real goosebump moments. The show takes place at the main portal of Schwerin Castle, with different stagings on Friday and Saturday. The event is freely accessible and free of charge

When darkness falls over Schwerin, a spectacular production illuminates the fairytale castle and conjures up magical light effects on Schwerin Castle. Specatular music provides goosebump moments in the first part on Friday. On Saturday, a character from Schwerin's history comes to life.

Part 1 - Friday
Son et Lumière was inspired by events at Chambord Castle. With the help of lasers, spotlights and music, fascinating images, scenes and patterns are projected onto Schwerin Castle. Friday's show is all about emotional moments, with fantastic music from rock, pop, classical and film set to a firework of lights at the castle.

Part 2 - Saturday
The spectacular light show on Saturday will again be themed around the castle and its history. THE chance to dive into another world for a moment.

Start: 10.30 p.m. each night on the Old Garden.

Seating: The event will take place on the Old Garden. There is no seating plan

Tickets/ Admission: free

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Event dates
  • Friday, Jun 28, 2024 22:30 - 23:00 clock
  • Saturday, Jun 29, 2024 22:30 - 23:00 clock
Event Location
Contact the organiser

STADTMARKETING Gesellschaft Schwerin mbH

Puschkinstraße 44
19055 Schwerin
+49 (0)385 5925250


in the region Mecklenburg-Schwerin

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