Figurentheater Schnuppe - The little caterpillar

3/27/24 in Baabe

The little caterpillar, © Figurentheater Schnuppe

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  • Wednesday, Mar 27, 202410:00 - 10:45 clock
Children, Theatre & Stage

Puppet theater for young and old.

Have you ever been out in a meadow and been as small as... like... like a dormouse perhaps? What do you think you would discover there! Suddenly you could be chatting to a grasshopper or helping a bee collect nectar or marching in a column of ants. And maybe you would also find a tiny egg from which a caterpillar suddenly hatches. But this tiny caterpillar has a huge appetite and it eats and eats and eats everything it can get its mouth on. Oh dear, what will become of it... it will probably burst at some point or turn into a.... Well, can you guess? If you want to know exactly how the little caterpillar is born, what it eats, how it grows and what it will become, then come along on a trip to a beautiful green meadow.

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Event dates
  • Wednesday, Mar 27, 2024 10:00 - 10:45 clock
Event Location

House of the guest Baabe

Am Kurpark 9
18586 Baabe

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Baltic resort Baabe spa administration

Am Kurpark 9
18586 Baabe
+49 38303 1420


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