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7/11/24 in Zarrentin

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  • Thursday, Jul 11, 202419:00 - 21:00 clock
Classical Music

Haydn - Debussy - Kapustin

Five chamber concerts as part of the SIGNUM saxophone quartet's residency are being held under the motto "SIGNUMs & Friends". The musicians have invited seven exciting artists to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for these evenings and are putting together an extraordinary concert program with many unusual arrangements of well-known pieces. At least one of the guests is already well known to Festival audiences: Festival prizewinner and percussionist Alexei Gerassimez. But what would the series be for the audience without new encounters - the SIGNUMs also use this framework to introduce the musical personalities Alexandra Soumm, Fedor Rudin, Hiyoli Togawa as well as Konstantin Manaev, Nicole Pressler and Danae Dörken, with whom they have much in common both musically and personally. The artist friends will perform together on all five evenings, presenting different facets of their skills.
Eleven at one go: on the second day of the series, the musicians will once again perform in different constellations, including music from Haydn to Debussy and Philipp Glass, but also for the first time as an eleven-piece ensemble. Another friend of the SIGNUMs, conductor Izidore Leitinger, has arranged the virtuoso surfer's earworm "Miserlou", known to most as the title music of the film "Pulp Fiction", for this line-up.


Combined discount available 10% discount when booking at least 2 events in the "SIGNUMs & Friends" series. The discount is automatically granted in the shopping cart of the ticket store.

This concert is wheelchair accessible.

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Event dates
  • Thursday, Jul 11, 2024 19:00 - 21:00 clock
Event Location

Zarrentin, church

Amtsstraße 9
19246 Zarrentin
+49 38851 25751
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Lindenstr. 1
19055 Schwerin



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