Puppet stage "Kleines Theater" plays "Little Brother and Little Sister"

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  • Wednesday, Feb 21, 202415:00 - 15:45 clock
Children, Theatre & Stage

Puppet theater based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm

To escape their wicked stepmother, Little Brother and Little Sister flee into the forest. However, the old woman has secretly followed them and - as she is a witch - has cast a spell on all the springs in the forest.

The little brother cannot resist his thirst, drinks the water from a spring and turns into a deer.
Desperate, they both run on and soon see an empty house, where they move in and live off the fruits of the forest from then on.

One day, the little deer hears hunting horns and asks her sister to join the hunt. The little sister hesitates, but gives in to her brother's insistence.

As the royal hunting party follows the beautiful deer, the forest house is soon spotted. The king immediately falls in love with the deer's beautiful sister, who becomes his wife and soon gives birth to a child.

The stepmother now disguises herself as a nanny and persuades the queen, weakened by childbirth, to take a bath to strengthen herself, but lights a hellfire and lets the young woman suffocate in it. She then takes on her form and goes to bed for several days.

During this time, the little deer has the task of guarding the newborn and is astonished by wondrous things at night: every day at midnight, a ghost appears who resembles his little sister, feeds the child and caresses the deer.

The little deer hurries to report everything to the king, who now keeps watch himself, discovers the deception and, through his love for his wife, helps her to regain her true form.

The stepmother receives a just punishment and the deer is also transformed back into her former self.


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Ticket sales: Tourist Information Rostock & Warnemünde / max. 30 people (from 3 years)

Event dates
  • Wednesday, Feb 21, 2024 15:00 - 15:45 clock
Event Location

Bailiwick Warnemünde

Am Strom 59
18119 Rostock

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Tourist Information Office Rostock & Warnemünde

Am Strom 59
18119 Rostock-Warnemünde

+49 381 381 22 22
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