12/1/24 in Schwaan

Mrs. Rudl-Wiechmann with children, © Kunstmuseum Schwaan

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  • Sunday, Dec 1, 202411:00 - 23:00 clock
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The art museum is offering a public guided tour of the special exhibition "SZKLARSKA PORĘBA. THE ARTIST COLONY SCHREIBERHAU IN THE RIESENGEBIRGE.".

The aim of the exhibition is to make the unifying cultural heritage visible in the relationship between Poland and Germany. From the circle around Carl and Gerhart Hauptmann to the St. Lukas Association of Visual Artists in the watermill in Schreiberhau: Literary figures and visual artists had been gathering in this scattered village in the Giant Mountains since the 1880s. Together they formed the Schreiberhau artists' colony. Based on other artists' colonies in Germany, such as Kronberg and Dachau, the artists discovered and explored the unique landscape of the Krkonoše Mountains. Adolf Dreßler and Carl Ernst Morgenstern practiced painting en plein air here and developed a realistic style of painting. This was soon overcome by the impressionist tendencies of a younger generation of painters.

The exhibition will be accompanied by literary events on the work and influence of Gerhart and Carl Hauptmann as well as a panel discussion on the reception of their cultural heritage in Poland and Germany. Around 40 works of art will be on display. The Hauptmann brothers, who were also important for the Hiddensee artists' colony, as well as Hans Emil Oberländer, who found an artistic home in both Schreiberhau and Ahrenshoop, will make the unifying phenomenon of the European artists' colonies visible.

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From 5.00 €

Event dates
  • Sunday, Dec 1, 2024 11:00 - 23:00 clock
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Schwaan Art Museum

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