Organ tour Rügen - Day 6

6/2/24 in Putbus

Women's church cantor Matthias Grünert, © Anja Schneider

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  • Sunday, Jun 2, 202420:00 - 21:00 clock
Church Event, Classical Music

Musical organ tour through the organ and church landscape of the Island of Rügen

Frauenkirche cantor Matthias Grünert from Dresden, one of the most renowned organ virtuosos in our country, will bring 23 of the organs on Rügen to life over 6 days. An interesting and varied program will be played at the 23 venues, in which not a single organ piece will be repeated during the entire concert tour.
A voluntary team of organ enthusiasts from the Erzgebirge has prepared this ambitious project in collaboration with the parishes on Rügen and the Frauenkirche cantor Grünert. We also received special support from Rügen's district cantor Frank Thomas and Rügen's organ builder Reiner Wolter.
The patron of the organ tour on Rügen is once again Minister President Manuela Schwesig.
In addition to the large and well-known organs such as those in Bergen, Sagard and Gingst, the program also includes smaller village churches that exude their very own charm. Also included in the program are the Catholic churches in Bergen and the romantic Maria Meeresstern chapel in Sellin, situated on the cliffs of the Baltic Sea.
We hope to be able to introduce many music and organ lovers from all over Germany to the organ and church landscape on Rügen through this demanding, interesting and top-class musical event.

Admission to all concerts of the organ tour is free for all visitors.

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Event dates
  • Sunday, Jun 2, 2024 20:00 - 21:00 clock
Event Location

Putbus castle church

Alleestraße 34
18581 Putbus
+49 38301 436
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Alleestraße 34
18581 Putbus


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