Moonlit night in the nature park

3/20/24 in Karow

Moon_Thomas_Münzberger, © Thomas Münzberger

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  • Wednesday, Mar 20, 202418:30 - 20:30 clock
Lecture & Science, Nature

Lecture and observations with the telescope

Discover the "Golden Handle" with us!

The moon has fascinated people since time immemorial. In fact, our moon influences cycles and processes in nature in many different ways, from the tides to plant growth. The Earth has only one moon, whereas the planet Jupiter has around 80, although only the four largest are really significant.

On Wednesday, March 20, 2024, this year's Moon Night in the Nature Park will take place at the Karower Meiler. Those interested can observe the moon and other celestial objects here from 6.30 pm. Astronomy teacher Torsten Degen will give an introductory talk. Afterwards, visitors can take a look through the telescope. Torsten Degen and star guide Guido Strauss will provide expert explanations. Hot drinks will be provided. The event is accessible and costs €7 per person (children €3). If the weather is bad or cloudy, there will be at least one lecture.

Location: Karower Meiler in Plau am See/OT Karow

Start: 18.30 hrs

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3.00 € to 7.00 €

Event dates
  • Wednesday, Mar 20, 2024 18:30 - 20:30 clock
Event Location

Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heath Nature Park

Ziegenhorn 1
19395 Karow

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Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heath Nature Park

Ziegenhorn 1
19395 Plau am See OT Karow
0385 588 64860


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