Living room movie: "Juliet, Naked"

5/10/24 in Güstrow

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Tucker Crowe: the name of the mysterious rock star is the only thing that is still causing a stir in the passionless relationship between Annie (Rose Byrne) and Duncan (Chris O'Dowd). It has been 20 years since the celebrated musician (Ethan Hawke) released his last record.

At the living room movie theater in the Anmut.Bar, the visit to the cinema takes place in a graceful way. As soon as you are greeted, you enter a cozy atmosphere. After purchasing your ticket, you can dive straight into the The offer ranges from coffee specialties to cocktails, wines and much more. Indulge yourself a little and enjoy the delicacies for small and large appetites.

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Event dates
  • Friday, May 10, 2024 19:30 o'clock
Event Location

Hansenstraße 1
18273 Güstrow
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Film club Güstrow

Feldstraße 43
18273 Güstrow

03843 / 687808


in the region Mecklenburg Schweiz

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