La Cage aux Folles

1/21/24 to 2/24/24 in Stralsund

A cage full of fools. Musical at the Vorpommern Theater, © Peter van Heesen

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(A cage full of fools) Music and lyrics by Jerry Herman Book by Harvey Fierstein Based on the play of the same name by Jean Poiret, German by Erika Gesell and Christian Severin

Life is raging at the nightclub "La Cage aux Folles" on the Côte d'Azur. But all of a sudden, club owner Georges and his partner Albin, who appears in the spotlight every night as Zaza, have a problem. Georges' son Jean-Michel, who grew up with Georges and Albin, wants to marry his fiancée Anne. However, she is the daughter of a strictly conservative politician from the "Party for Tradition, Family and Morals". The bride's parents announce their visit the very next day to meet the family of their future son-in-law. The glittering, frivolous nightclub atmosphere must now be quickly transformed into a family idyll and there is also no way around the fact that Jean-Michel urgently needs a mother. Out of necessity, Albin takes on this role - at least until his pretense is exposed and disaster becomes inevitable. Can there be a happy ending under such circumstances?

"A Cage Full of Fools" is based on Jean Poiret's play, which premiered in Paris in 1973 and was initially successful on the big screen. The multi-award-winning musical version premiered on Broadway in 1983 and is now coming to the Stralsund stage in an interdisciplinary production.

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Theater Vorpommern

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