Kotelmannfest 2024 - between tradition and modernity

7/28/24 in Altentreptow

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  • Sunday, Jul 28, 202410:00 o'clock
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The festival for young and old on the Klosterberg in Altentreptow. Sport, games and fun for the whole family.


Since 3 August 1830, the Kotelmann Festival has been celebrated every year in honor of the merchant Martin Kotelmann in Treptow a.Toll. He was born in Treptow and worked in a freight forwarding business after completing his apprenticeship. He traveled to many European countries, but often returned to Treptow.

When he was here in 1821, the mayor complained about the heavy burden on the town treasury when the school building was extended. At the time, this was located at Oberbaustraße 22 (the property next to the old pharmacy - now the administration building). The conversation prompted Martin Kotelmann to make a bequest in his will.

In his will, he stipulated that after his death, the Treptow school should receive 1000 thalers for its school fund. Thus, after his death on August 21, 1826, the town came into possession of this money. In his honor, the Kotelmann Festival was celebrated every summer in the town and on the Klosterberg, with its large stone, until 1939.

Old records show that over the years the school and donor festival developed more and more into a public festival. Unfortunately, there are only a few contemporary witnesses who can tell us about what they experienced at the festival. Many generations before us raved about this festival, which is why some citizens have been keen to celebrate the Kotelmannfest on the Klosterberg again since 2018. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of nature every year with sports, games and much more.

What's on offer at the festival:

At this year's Kotelmannfest, in addition to tried-and-tested attractions such as the stage at the Großer Stein, attractions for young and old and the tombola, there will once again be a merchant mile that invites you to browse. Anyone who has always wanted to explore Altentreptow and the Tollensetal valley from a bird's eye view will have the opportunity to do so on the gyrocopter flights. Crossbow shooting is also a tradition at the Kotelmannfest. On the meadow next to the former convent, visitors can put their marksmanship to the test on the target. This year also with bow and arrow.

This year, in addition to protecting the convent and the town, the Berlin Knights' Guild will be on hand with its fictitious mercenary troop from the 14th century. They will take us back to the city's founding period. In the service of the Ascanian ruler of the Margraviate of Brandenburg, they fought in the region during the founding period of our city. They will present us with this and much more.

There will also be plenty of culinary delights to discover. Jo and Josephine and Marilu will provide the musical backdrop for the afternoon, presenting a program as part of the Fritz Reuter Year. In addition to the local stars, the organizers have been able to attract another celebrity surprise guest. We are talking about Hape Kerkeling's probably best-known fictional character, Horst Schlämmer. However, Kerkeling himself will not be impersonating his starring role, but Maik Ahrens, who has been touring the country as an entertainer for over 40 years.

Of course, the organizers have also come up with some new hands-on activities and attractions this year. Let us surprise you.

The Kotelmannfest will kick off on Saturday, 27.07.2024 with a music and dance event on the stage at the Großer Stein.

The official opening will also take place here on Sunday, 28.07.2024 at 10:00 am . Throughout the day, there will be plenty to experience on the entire Klosterberg site. An open-air church service will take place at 10:15 a.m. on Fritz-Reuter-Platz next to the sports hall. This will be followed by a dance workshop offered by the Altentreptow Dance Sports Club.

In addition to the Altentreptow Equestrian Club and the Grischow 1894/1992 Shooting Club, the Altentreptow Animal Protection Association, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, will also be present. Various other associations have already registered and want to contribute to the program.

As in previous years, the event agency Zwergenfeier from Altentreptow will be providing games and sports.

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Event dates
  • Sunday, Jul 28, 2024 10:00 o'clock
Event Location

Altentreptow monastery hill

17087 Altentreptow

Contact the organiser

Altentreptow voters' association

Stralsunder Straße 13
17087 Altentreptow

03961 / 210111


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