KOKUBU - Drums of Japan

2/14/24 in Parchim

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A magical journey through Japan awaits you, between an artistic drum storm and delicate bamboo flute sounds.

The performers practice "the high art of taiko playing" (Westdeutsche Zeitung) In addition to the authentic and hypnotically fascinating energy of this spectacular show, KOKUBU also takes another approach: the profound spirituality of Japan is brought to life with every note. In 2024, two large O - Daiko drums will be used to give the group an even more impressive performance. A new stage design and a spectacular lighting concept round off this extraordinary drumming event.

In addition, Masamitsu Takasaki, world champion of the three-stringed plucked instrument tsugaru-shamisen, will enrich the sound of the event. KOKUBU is an indescribably captivating experience for the ears, eyes, heart and soul. Dressed in black kimonos and white headbands, this exceptional group spans a musical arc between the acoustic hurricane of drums that shake the ground, subtle rhythms and the delicate sound of the bamboo flute (shakuhachi). In changing groupings and using three differently sized tubular drums (taikos), the ensemble from Osaka around shakuhachi master Chiaki Toyama, founded in 1998, brings a breathtaking rhythm to the stage in breathtaking synchronicity or in contrast. Sometimes even several imposing tubular drums are used, the stringing of which is worked by an athlete with two massive sticks as thick as his forearm. Delicate flute tones form the counterpart. Their Far Eastern sound is immediately enchanting. The result is music that seems magical to Europeans.

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Event dates
  • Wednesday, Feb 14, 2024 20:00 - 22:00 clock
Event Location

Parchim City Hall

Putlitzer Straße 56
19370 Parchim

Contact the organiser

Uwe Baer

Asternweg 18
50679 Köln

0221 7880220


in the region Mecklenburg-Schwerin

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