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Children, Theatre & Stage

The LuK e.V. initiative makes KITTZ (KInderTheater in DömiTZ) possible: A cheerful and cheeky farmhouse thriller with a fun factor for the whole family performed by Marta Olejko

Once upon a time there was a rabbit
With a red nose
And a blue ear -
That happens very rarely.......
This rare breed of rabbit only lives in Farmer Runkel's garden. One of these strange rabbits is a mother rabbit who is constantly having new babies, but is terribly forgetful and can't remember how many children she has already had.
One day there are no more carrots in the garden, which is probably not the vole's fault, and the vixen also has a hand in it, although she prefers roast goose to carrots!But after all, this story is not about just any carrot, but about a damn big one, a SURPRISE, so to speak!.....

Admission price 5 €

With the kind support of the town of Dömitz, the district of Ludwigslust Parchim, the Ehrenamtsstiftung MV and the Sparkasse Mecklenburg-Schwerin Foundation.

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5.00 €

Tickets are sold directly on site for just €5.

Event dates
  • Sunday, Apr 7, 2024 15:00 - 15:45 clock
Event Location

Rathausplatz 1
19303 Dömitz

Contact the organiser

Bahnhofstraße 9
19303 Dömitz


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