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  • Saturday, Jun 1, 202411:00 - 16:00 clock

Children, watch out! 🎉 On June 1, it's that time again - the ever-popular children's festival at Dömitz Fortress is going into the next round! 🏰 Look forward to a day full of fun, action and exciting surprises! 🌟

What exactly awaits you is still a little secret, but rest assured, it will be a party you won't want to miss! �� So, keep this date free and be ready for lots of adventures and great experiences!

More information on the highlights and activities will be announced shortly. So, stay tuned and mark June 1st in your calendars! ��️ We're really looking forward to spending this day with you and having an unforgettable time at Dömitz Fortress! ��

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Children's Day Bash 2023 ©Stadt Dömitz_M. Botzler (6)

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Jun 1, 2024 11:00 - 16:00 clock
Event Location

Auf der Festung 3
19303 Dömitz
038758 22401
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Rathausplatz 1
19303 Dömitz

038758 22112


in the region Mecklenburg-Schwerin

© Fred-Ingo Pahl

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