Island spring: Easter concerts

4/1/24 in Putbus

Easter concert at the Putbus Theater, © Konzertleben e.V.

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  • Monday, Apr 1, 202411:00 - 13:00 clock
Classical Music

Konzertleben e.V. is once again presenting a high-quality chamber music series on the Island of Rügen in 2024. 7 events at Easter are dedicated to the anniversary of Caspar David Friedrich. We focus on perspectives, on the things between the lines and on the unsaid, which only music can express.

Seven concert events await you at Easter: directly after church Easter reflections on Maundy Thursday in Altenkirchen and on Good Friday in Bergen, an unusual concert format on Holy Saturday: in the Putbus Theater, we will attempt to mix selected chamber music with images of our jubilarian by performing them behind semi-transparent projections of the same.
Prima la musica, naturalmente, ma dietro l'immagine!
On to the matinée on Easter Sunday in the Kunstscheune Vaschwitz: Bach's Goldberg Variations will be freshly frothed by assigning the parts to the piano, string trio or a mixture according to their respective merits.
The evening at Ralswiek Castle will be completely different: the accordion will be given the opportunity to present itself in the chamber music of Mozart (as a glass harmonica), Dvorák (as a harmonium) and the contemporary, entertaining present.
On Easter Monday, again at the Putbus Theater, we will be using the music of Clara & Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms to illuminate their biographies in a second matinée, and Moritz Schröder (NDR) will merge them with the revolutionary "Werther's Sorrows" by J. W. v. Goethe. Intense material from
ancient dramas, classical novels, modern films, but also music.
After Prima la musica, ma dietro le parole, the festival will end in the afternoon with Easter café music in the Badehaus Goor.
Konzertleben e.V. invites you to the beautiful Putbus Theater, the intimate Kunstscheune Vaschwitz and the tasteful rooms in Ralswiek Castle and the Badehaus Goor. Look forward with us to wonderful days on Rügen - with the three "chamber arts" that can't let go of each other!

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Event dates
  • Monday, Apr 1, 2024 11:00 - 13:00 clock
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