Garden happiness... First bend down, then pick.

7/19/24 in Teterow

Garden happiness, © ZVG

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  • Friday, Jul 19, 202420:00 - 23:00 clock
Theatre & Stage, Open-Air Festival

Open-air cabaret & dance

Garden happiness - first bend down - then pick
with Mandy Partzsch, Erik Lehmann and Michael Specht
A garden is like the fullness of life: beautifully colorful, full of work and in the end everything goes underground. This is how the three Dresden-based comedians Michael Specht, Mandy Partzsch and Erik Lehmann present their hilarious comedy fireworks full of music and quirky characters. In a dozen different roles and with catchy songs, this "botanical" is the garden party of the year. From Adam and Eve to the club chairman, they are all there. Because whether it's the Garden of Eden or a plot in the division - one thing is certain: Only the tough get into the garden!

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Event dates
  • Friday, Jul 19, 2024 20:00 - 23:00 clock
Event Location

Garden Café Dünninghaus

von-Moltke-Straße 29
17166 Teterow
03996 172372
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Garden market Dünninghaus

von Moltkestraße
17166 Teterow


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