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7/27/24 in Greifswald

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  • Saturday, Jul 27, 202418:30 o'clock
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Cordial invitation to Episode 5: Manor Lords

More than a third of the German population plays video games. The market is growing and growing. Digital games are not just an entertainment medium, but also an educational medium. They impart knowledge and shape our image of the past, present and future.
We want to reflect on the potential and limitations of digital games for political and historical education.
We will discuss digital games with experts from the academic world:
How do they shape our view of the world?
Can they help to convey complex issues in an understandable way?
But also: Where and why do they distort reality?

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The evening will be recorded on video. The material will be used to create two videos for our YouTube channel. In order to participate, you must agree that you will occasionally be seen and heard in the video. However, we do not film our guests head-on.



Event dates
  • Saturday, Jul 27, 2024 18:30 o'clock
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Bahnhofstraße 12/13
17489 Greifswald

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