Free movie preview "Earthly Verses"

4/8/24 in Rostock

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The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, together with the film distributor and LiWu, invites you to the film preview "Irdische Verse" at Frieda23.

In nine episodes, the film IRDICAL VERSES, which premiered in Cannes, tells of encounters with an omnipresent bureaucracy and its controlling power that are as profane as they are incomprehensible. When lights and will-o'-the-wisps begin to twinkle above bustling Tehran at dawn, it is the prelude to new verses of everyday madness that force their way into people's lives in the form of absurd everyday rules. Father State doesn't just want to have a say in the choice of names for newborns. The civil servant behind the counter also becomes the best possible advisor on fashion issues and politically motivated dog kidnappings. It is a quiet but persistent circus that defends any logic, no matter how audacious, with a zeal that serves the state.
With a sharp tongue and sarcastic wit, the Iranian directing duo Alireza Khatami and Ali Asgari tell the story of nine people who fall victim to the banal malice of officials. A stirring, black-humored act of revolution, especially in its formal-aesthetic radical simplicity.

Limited number of participants. Important: Registration required via:!/event/tohm8

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Event dates
  • Monday, Apr 8, 2024 19:00 - 21:00 clock
Event Location

Frieda 23

Friedrichstraße 23
18057 Rostock

Contact the organiser

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

Reinhardtstraße 12
10117 Berlin


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