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  • Saturday, Mar 2, 202411:00 - 16:00 clock
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The fossil collecting workshops in cooperation with the Rerik Museum of Local History Pre-registration: Mr. Klafack 0176/22000806.

Topic: Which rocks with fossils can be found on the boulder beaches of the German and Danish Baltic Sea coasts. How to recognize these different fossil-bearing rocks on the beach and how to open the rocks in order not to destroy the fossils in them, if possible. The following equipment is required: Clothing suitable for the weather, an 800g locksmith's hammer or geologist's hammer. Magnifying glass (with 10x magnification), notebook and pen, wrapping paper for the finds, rucksack, safety goggles, protective gloves. Provisions and drinks.
Part 1: Presentation of the most important fossil-bearing rocks from the Baltic Sea beach, using rock samples, takes place in the local museum. Including a guided tour through the geological/paleontological collection of the local museum.
Part 2: Practice on the Baltic Sea beach. Recognizing and collecting fossil-bearing rocks. And how to open the rocks without destroying the fossils inside.
The workshop is suitable for both advanced and beginners. If you are interested, please register via PN to me or by phone: 0176/22000806.
Participation fee: Adults: €30,- , Children from 7 - 18 years: €10,-
Meeting point: Baltic resort Rerik, local history museum, Dünenstraße 4, parking on the west and east side next to the church. The church is located opposite the museum of local history.

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Mar 2, 2024 11:00 - 16:00 clock
Event Location

Museum of local history Rerik

Dünenstraße 4
18230 Rerik
+49 38296 78429
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Museum of local history Rerik

Dünenstraße 4
18230 Rerik
+49 38296 78429


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