Fire and wood - weekend for fathers with their children / grandfathers with grandchildren aged 8 and over

3/15/24 in Dreilützow

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190.00 €

per family

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  • Friday, Mar 15, 202415:00 - 23:00 clock
Children, Seminars, Courses & Workshops, Nature

Friday to Sunday, 15-17.03.2024 - Do you know the situation: Sitting relaxed by the fire, a piece of wood in your hand and a knife to go with it. Automatically, you start carving and the wood transforms. Piece by piece. Little by little, shapes emerge that are pursued further until, in the end, the wood and the carver somehow find each other and something unique, something beautiful is created. For many men, these are childhood memories and the epitome of pausing and relaxing.

Even today, carving wood by the fire is a great way to spend time with your daughter, son or grandchild, to tell each other stories and get to know each other better. The fire is also part of the wood. You light it together with a stream of fire and natural materials. The spark must ignite not only the fire, but perhaps also something within you? We would like to inspire you to have interesting experiences together with your children/grandchildren. Lighting fires and carving also requires knowledge about wood and the forest. Which wood for what? Harald Jäger, an experienced adventure educator, will provide lots of information and tips on this. There will be opportunities for discussion and exchange among the participating fathers in the evenings and throughout the weekend. Overnight accommodation is provided in an outbuilding at Schloss Dreilützow. Catering will be provided by Schloss Dreilützow. Find out more at

Costs: €190.00 per family for accommodation, meals and materials

Interested parties can contact the Catholic Family Education Center Lübeck (Landline: 0451-7098733; Mobile: 0162-5154801 Mail: or Schloss Dreilützow. If the participant contribution exceeds your financial means, please also contact the family education center in Lübeck. A cooperation between Schloss Dreilützow and the Catholic Family Education Center Lübeck e.V.

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190.00 € per family

Accommodation, meals, materials.

If the contribution exceeds your financial means, please contact the family education center in Lübeck, see above.

Event dates
  • Friday, Mar 15, 2024 15:00 - 23:00 clock
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