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4/4/24 in Schwerin

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We cordially invite you to a discussion with Europe expert Dr. Barbara Lippert.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In 1958, the Treaty of Rome laid the foundations for today's EU. Since then, Europe has been moving towards freedom, peace, the rule of law, trust, economic stability and prosperity for its citizens. The Cold War and the division of Europe have been overcome. Crises have been and are being overcome. More Eastern European countries want to become members of the EU. The history of the European Union is a success story, and it must remain so.

By participating in the upcoming elections for the European Parliament on June 9, we can influence further developments, which will not be without problems. For example, the relationship between the nation states and the EU must continue to be well balanced. Developments aimed at openly or covertly calling EU membership into question should be viewed with concern. Here it would be good to ask the counter-question of what Germany would look like without EU membership. The EU's political responsibility in the global context is also on the agenda, which will be crucial in view of global developments.

It remains a major challenge for the European Parliament and the other bodies to preserve unity and freedom for the people in the 27 member states.

These and other topics will be the subject of the discussion with Europe expert Dr. Barbara Lippert.

We cordially invite you to attend!

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Schwerin Political Club
Konrad Adenauer Foundation M-V
Amtstraße 29b, 19055 Schwerin
T +49 385 555705-0

Event dates
  • Thursday, Apr 4, 2024 18:00 o'clock
Event Location

Schleswig-Holstein House

Puschkinstraße 12
19055 Schwerin

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Konrad Adenauer Foundation M-V

Amtstraße 29b
19055 Schwerin


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