Erhardt & Alexander

2/18/24 in Pasewalk

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Experience unforgettable hits and poems non-stop. A live show, a tribute to the two legends of German entertainment history, Heinz Erhardt & Peter Alexander.

Erhardt & Alexander - A tribute to Heinz Erhardt & Peter Alexander

They were the show stars from the years of the economic miracle until the 1980s! Peter Alexander, the entertainer and actor with Viennese charm and endless talent. Everyone knows his classic films such as "Weißes Rössl", his countless hits such as "Die kleine Kneipe", "Schwarzes Gold" or "Der Papa wird's schon richten". His big Saturday evening shows were also legendary, world stars came and went and his comedic talent when he parodied Hans Moser or the English royal family is unmatched!

Heinz Erhardt, a jack-of-all-trades on stage, comedian, actor, singer and cabaret artist. Away from the stage, he wrote books of poems that everyone still knows today. Under the motto "Noch'n Gedicht" (Another poem) or "Was bin ich heute wieder für ein Schelm" (What a rogue I am again today), he inspired generations and as Peron was representative of the type of man of the economic miracle.

Now there is finally a live show that commemorates both legends of German entertainment history!

"This show is a tribute, a red carpet and will honor these two wonderful artists," says initiator and Peter Alexander performer Peter Grimberg (from Steyr). "We will present a firework display of good humor. The greatest Peter Alexander hits as well as the funniest sketches will not be missing!"

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Event dates
  • Sunday, Feb 18, 2024 16:00 - 18:00 clock
Event Location

Historical U - Cultural Forum

An der Kürassierkaserne 9
17309 Pasewalk
+49 3973 229400
Contact the organiser

Paulis - Event office

Jasperallee 35
38102 Braunschweig
+49 (0)531 34 63 72


in the region Vorpommern

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