"Between Szczecin and Königsberg" multimedia show by Nina and Thomas W. Mücke

5/21/24 in Baabe

Between Stettin and Königsberg, © T.W. Mücke

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  • Tuesday, May 21, 202419:00 - 20:30 clock
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A unique synthesis of word, song and music.

The trained opera and chanson singer Thomas W. Mücke and his wife Nina have been an institution throughout Germany for over 30 years with their brilliant 6 x 6 picture quality and unique synthesis of words, singing and music.

The singing adventurer Thomas W. Mücke narrates: The repressed German past "Between Szczecin and Königsberg" comes to light again. The Polish Baltic coast spoils holidaymakers not only with a beautiful beach, but also with a huge range of guesthouses, restaurants and entertainment venues. Cities steeped in history, such as Szczecin, Kolberg, Gdansk and Elbląg, have been restored to their former glory and are proof that the Poles are masters of the craft of restoration. Masuria with its many lakes, waterways and forests is a paradise in its own right - here, silence becomes language. We have also visited the Königsberg region with its approximately one million inhabitants several times since the collapse of the Soviet Union and are always amazed at what is gradually emerging here. The area, which was Christianized by the Teutonic Order with the sword, was once the easternmost corner of Germany and later the westernmost of the Soviet empire.

On two nights in August 1944, British bombers turned the capital of East Prussia, Königsberg, into a sea of flames. However, the British cargo was not only to hit this city, where the great thinker I. Kant once taught, but all the towns in the region, such as Insterburg, Tilsit, Gumbinnen and many more. Today there are Russian activists everywhere who are exploring the history of the land, ignoring their ancestors who settled here after the destruction. They are fully convinced that this East Prussian history is the icing on the cake of their identity in this part of Russia. Today Kaliningrad is a little bit Russian, a little bit German and very European.

When we are in Russia, whether in Siberia, on the Volga or on the Don, we always ask ourselves how it can be that so many Russians treat us with such unaffected cordiality, impartiality and warmth.

This new slide show will enchant the viewers not only with interesting information but also with fantastic nature shots.


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Event dates
  • Tuesday, May 21, 2024 19:00 - 20:30 clock
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House of the guest Baabe

Am Kurpark 9
18586 Baabe

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