Cultural cutter for adults

8/4/24 to 8/20/24 in Ostseebad Binz

»Hafen der Ehe« · Kulturkutter für Erwachsene, © Binzer Bucht Tourismus

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  • Sunday, Aug 4, 202419:30 - 20:30 clock
  • Tuesday, Aug 20, 202419:30 - 20:30 clock
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Cultural cutter for adults

Saitenstrassen Kultur - Comedy with music

The hit comedy is back on the KulturKutter: What happens when a registrar's love life gets out of hand? And what happens when she loses her temper during the wedding ceremony? In hilarious forays through the tasks and abysses of marriage, she shows the future couple relentlessly what it means to "drop anchor" in the living room at home. The wedding musician is always there to accompany them, not only musically, through all the highs and lows of togetherness. The registrar sings, laughs, slurs her words and makes love through the episodes of classic relationship life. Whether DIY store excursions, handbag time calculations or failed stag parties: she comedically and mercilessly maneuvers the crisis cutter through the murky waters of everyday relationship life. But perhaps at the end of this wild comedy, the saving harbor will become visible. A play full of laughter, love, truths and music: "Till death do us part!


A colorful, creative crew performs on the KulturKutter in July and August. On Sundays & Tuesdays, the evening program invites you to enjoy creative entertainment - sometimes humorous, sometimes touching, sometimes loud, sometimes quiet.
Tip: There is always a varied program for the whole family on Mondays & Wednesdays in the afternoon.

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Mit BINZER BUCHT CARD oder Einwohnerkarte der Gemeinde Binz

Event dates
  • Sunday, Aug 4, 2024 19:30 - 20:30 clock
  • Tuesday, Aug 20, 2024 19:30 - 20:30 clock
Event Location

Kulturkutter in the Kurpark

Elisenstraße/Ecke Heinrich-Heine-Straße
18609 Ostseebad Binz
+49 38393 148148
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Binzer Bucht Tourismus

Heinrich-Heine-Straße 7
18609 Ostseebad Binz
+49 38393 148148