Concert Krishn Kypke "The Pages of the World" - Adventures in Word and Sound

7/6/24 in Kratzeburg

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World Music, Church Event

After many years of traveling to India, China, northern Sweden, Uzbekistan and other countries, a concert travel program has been created. I play instruments and melodies from faraway countries that I have experienced and learned on site. I also tell little travel stories and experiences.

"The strings of the world"
From northern Sweden to southern India
Following the ancient Silk Road to Samarkand, getting a culture shock in India, surviving a 40-degree fever in the Himalayas and visiting the "tomb of Jesus" in Kashmir - these are just some of the adventures that musician and world explorer Krishn Kypke was able to experience on his travels.
With just a rucksack on his back, he traveled to many countries around the world and got to know the local culture and people. Fascinated by the music of the countries he visited, Krishn Kypke couldn't help but learn the local instruments from various masters.
Inspired by the travels, instruments and cultures, he created several concert programs that become a journey for the audience. But Krishn Kypke's concerts are not just about travel stories, they also feature lots of music, of course, and first and foremost the sounds of the guitar as well as exotic instruments and melodies from distant lands on the sitar, dutar, pipa or tumbi.

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Jul 6, 2024 19:30 - 21:30 clock
Event Location

Village church Kratzeburg

17237 Kratzeburg
03981 443987
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Optician Pollex

Karbe-Wagner-Straße 28
17235 Neustrelitz
+49 3981229218


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