Concert "Duo Sefer ī Jahn" in the Viecheln manor house

7/20/24 in Viecheln

Violin playing by Anoush Seferian and guitar playing by Oliver Jahn, © Herrenhaus Viecheln

15.00 €

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  • Saturday, Jul 20, 202416:00 - 20:00 clock
World Music, Musikland MV, Naturally Romantic

The songs in which the duo share their values and philosophy of life are deeply moving.

The "Duo Sefer ī Jahn" brings a special musical message to the stage after a deep soul search. In recent years, they have had many successful performances, established themselves as a duo and recorded 2 CDs with original compositions in different styles. Their music is multi-faceted, full of energy and deeply emotional. A pure poetic picture painting. The sensitively composed songs are characterized by the passionate violin playing of Anoush Seferian and the spirited guitar playing of Oliver Jahn. Jahn is a versatile instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, known for the bands Los Banditos, Olmar, Airtramp, is also a film and theater musician and has been head of the cultural department in the city of Apolda since April 2023. Anoush Seferian, Armenian-French classical violinist and vocalist from Damascus (Syria), HfM Franz Liszt Weimar alumni, former violin teacher at the Max Reger Conservatory Meiningen and member of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Daniel Barenboim.

The cultural and lyrical exchange, the search for meaning in an irritating human world and the musical interaction between the two musician friends led them to a common understanding, a wavelength, through which they reach people with words and sound. Their songs, in which they share their values and philosophy of life, are deeply moving. The second album "Lieder Stadt Reisen" - created during the Corona period - is an imaginary journey around the world. All the pieces have an autobiographical background, stories of change, flight and longing, but also memories of moments of love, experiences, characteristics and things that connect the people of the countries, landscapes and poetry that warm our hearts.

  • Guided tour at 4 pm
  • Admission from 6 pm
  • Bar with drinks and snacks

Tickets under: Phone: +49 176 34205534

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15.00 €

Event dates
  • Saturday, Jul 20, 2024 16:00 - 20:00 clock
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